Dr Holder and the CPM staff assist the client in becoming responsible for their contribution to health maintainance. There are a variety of educational sources utilized for creating awareness, implementing the CPM philosophy at home and creating a life plan for personal health. Lectures series, reading recommendations, hand-outs and take-home instructions

Dr Holder periodically hosts the Re-Engineering Your Health lecture series which are interactive sessions designed to review practice philosophy in a practical, approachable way for daily use. Included in this series is Dr Holder's Geometric Path to Wellness, specifically intended for teaching tools to integrate the physical, mental and emotional.

Group mini-visits are also planned from time to time. The concept of the mini-visit allows a client to have a short consultation privately with Dr Holder after a focused gathering of a group session (eg, weight loss, stress management).

The typical progression of visits are outlined as follows. Specific circumstances will be reviewed to allow modification as necessary.

Comprehensive evaluation (Dr Holder)

Cognitive session (Dr Holder)

Nutritional analysis (Gabrielle)

Case review/follow-up (Dr Holder or Nilesh)

Paediatric evaluations (Dr Holder)

Paediatric review/follow-up (Dr Holder or Nilesh)

Educational exercises (Maria)

The client can expect:

Discussion of case and progress at each visit

Focused attention

Medical and holistic evaluations

Individualised treatment programme

Education toward improved health

Appropriate diagnostic testing

Each client will be provided a packet that contains generalized office policies and personal information forms. These are available for download by accessing the Forms page.

Please be prepared to WAIT at times to be seen. Everyone is given the doctor's full attention during visits and time needs cannot always be predicted.

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