Due to the large number of calls this office receives and the nature of the practice, a phone policy is in force. Please read the following carefully.


Routine Calls requiring 5 minutes or less of the M.D.s involvement (simple instruction or clarification) are at no charge. We ask that more involved questions about the person's state of health or educational questions about the regimen the person is on be handled during visits so that we can give adequate time to explore the nutritional regimen and its relationship to the condition or state of the body. If the patient insists on handling this on phone, this often results in conversations 5-15 minutes. There will be a $15-45 charge for this.


Most simple information/answers to questions will be given to the receptionist to relay to you within 48 hours, depending on priority and day of the week. When you call with a question message, you will get a return call if it can be answered simply. If not, then a phone consultation will be set up.


Phone Consultations:


Pre-arranged - You will be given a time to call in (normally on a Thursday morning). This is like an office visit or an education visit done over the phone. The fee will usually range from $25-45, but could be more or less depending on the time on the phone and the research involved. Pre-arranged phone consultations are often used for people on Homeopathic remedies as a follow-up or for people who live at a distance. It is convenient for the patient and the charge is less.


Non-arranged - For acute needs, the doctor will educate or prescribe homeopathic remedies or give nutritional advice for colds, coughs, allergies, etc. There is usually a charge for this consultation, because of the time involved in getting details of the symptoms and communicating the treatment. If only a pharmaceutical is prescribed there is usually no charge, because the information gathering usually is not as extensive.

If you get the answering service when you call for your consultation, it means the doctor is on the phone. Please try back every 15 minutes until you get through.

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